I’m a historian who writes about modern science and technology: how they got to be the way they are, how they shaped (and were shaped by) the way people live their lives, and (especially) the stories we tell ourselves about them in order to try and make sense of them. I’m also interested in the stories we tell--especially on movie and television screens-- about other aspects of the past, trying to make sense of where we came from.

This website is about those stories: What they tell us about science, technology, and history . . . and what they tell us about ourselves. It’s a reflection of my professional life: A survey of things i’ve published elsewhere, a repository for things that I want to make accessible, and a place to share -- and reflect on -- work in progress. It consists, at the moment, of four sections:
  • Books: Information, reviews, and links about the books I’ve written or edited
  • Articles: Samples of my shorter work, that you can read on this site or online
  • Editing: Information on the book series and the institutional website I edit
  • Talks: Presentations on my work for K-12, college, and general audiences
The site is (and always will be) a work in progress: added to, subtracted from, and rearranged as the things I’m interested in, and working on, change. Welcome to the current version -- stay awhile, look around, and send me an email if it triggers a question you’d like to ask or a thought you’d like to pass on!