Website: Center for the Study of Film & History

As the Web Coordinator for the Center for the Study of Film & History, I’m working on making the Center’s website -- -- one of the web’s leading repositories of thoughtful, accessible writing about the role of film in history and depictions of history on film. I’m always happy to receive notices of new books, upcoming conferences, and publication opportunities for posting on the site. In addition, I am actively seeking new content for the “Film and History Resources” section of the site, including (but not limited to):

  • Essays on newly released films depicting historical events
  • Essays on using film in the history classroom
  • Retrospective essays on historically significant films from the past
  • Annotated bibliographies of key books and articles on major themes in film and history
  • Annotated filmographies (of features, documentaries, or both) for major historical themes, periods or events

Submissions, queries, or other communications are welcome at